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  Solid Drive Shaft Conversion. 

To suit:
Lotus Elan: S1- S2 - S3 - S4 & +2 - +2 130S. 

At our peaceful country based facility, we manufacture a truly unique Australian designed & world-renown CV solid drive shaft system for the classic Lotus elan. The product is an extremely high quality craftsman built drive shaft conversion, which operates free of any CV lock tendancies.

Elan owners from around the world have embraced this product, which has quickly gained a reputation as the CV drive shaft system to install. 

You should join the elite band of lotus elan enthusiasts who have already discovered the new driving experience with the installation of our CVDS conversion. Elan drivers are pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes... be sure to read the unsolicited testimonials further down the page, it will give you a better understanding of just how much this conversion will improve your elan.

We have 
clients who have purchased two or three CVDS conversions for their stable of lotus elan cars, that in itself is a very solid endorsement.

The Solid CV Drive Shaft Conversion.

The CV drive shaft conversion will provide a huge improvement in the driving experience of your classic lotus elan S1 - S4 or elan Plus 2. Converting your classic elan to elantrikbits CV drive shafts will totally eliminate the unreliability problems associated with the original roto-flex couplings. Our design totally outperforms the original lotus drive line, not to mention the thoroughbred drive line design.



What Price - Your Own Peace Of Mind?
Are you one of a large number of elan drivers whose major fear is that of rubber do-nut failure while out driving?

Well fear no more.

There is a total cure for the broken donut fear, and that is the Installation of a Solid CV Drive Shaft Conversion, it will be the best investment you'll make, and the self-maintenance lotus owner can easily install the conversion in an afternoon with basic workshop tools, detailed fitting instructions are included with each conversion.

The Drive Shaft System can also be installed into the elan or +2 elan. 


  • Brilliant, simple, all Australian design.
  • Unique adapter plate design. (Unique To elantrikbits) 
  • Genuine GKN CV joints. 
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions supplied.
  • Solid billet axle shafts CNC machined from high-grade alloy steel.
  • On board lubrication facility via grease nipples.
  • CVs will operate through steep drive angles - Definitely NO lock up.
  • Extremely reliable - Bullet proof design. 
  • Very easy to install.   
  • Extremely Robust.
  • No special tools required for installation.
  • Extensive road & track testing has shown that CV lock up on full droop has been eliminated.
  • The +2 and small elan drive shaft conversion is identical in design except for critical dimensions. The CVs utilized in elantrikbits conversions are proprietary GKN Lobro OEM parts which are available worldwide in the unlikely event that spares will be required. GKN CV's are of the highest quality and with correct service intervals will cover extremely high mileages (100,000 KM+) before any major servicing/replacement is required. Consider the conversion to be a lifte time installation.

Want to learn more about our solid drive shaft CV conversion kits?

Fill out the request form below and click submit, in a few minutes you'll receive a full explanation about our solid drive shaft conversions. Your email address and details are safe with us and will not be shared with any other third party.



Fast Facts.
Our CV conversions are fully essembled, reday to fit, we ship world wide via air freight. Élan S1 - S4 & +2 Élan. Each drive shaft conversion is built with the same care and attention as we would apply if building for our own elan. The engineering, attention to detail & the overall finish provide a world-class product.

CV Drive Shafts Ready To Ship.

A Recent Batch Of CVDS Conversions Ready For Export To
Customers In The USA & Canada.

The Problems With Roto-Flex Couplings.

Do the roto-flex couplings on your elan look like this? The word is that
the latest rubber compound used in current donuts is not what it used to be, we have one NZ customer who only got 260KM out of a new set of rubber do nuts!!! 

Any Questions - Please email us through the
Contact Form to discuss your requirements.

Worn and cracked Rotoflex couplings will
self destruct when you least expect it!

Why Take The Risk!

When the changeover to a super
reliable elantrikbits CV drive shaft conversion is so easy.

The elantrikbits CV drive shaft conversion is well known for it's solid history of total reliability.

The Plain Facts About elantrikbits Driveshaft Conversion:

  • Does NOT require droop limit stop blocks inserted inside the rear strut tubes!
  • Does NOT require droop limiting cables attached between lower "A" arm and the chassis!
  • You do NOT need to dismantle & rebuild the entire rear suspension in order to fit the drive shafts.
  • You do NOT need any special tools for the installation, it is easy for the home maintenance mechanic to install. (Detailed instructions are Included with your order)
  • The simple, but brilliant design provides effortless maintenance and servicing.
  • CV lock-up has been totally eliminated from the design. 
  • We will provide prompt back up & service should you have any problems.

Maybe you've heard about our product, maybe you haven't, many clients already know that our product has a proven record of proven reliability & high quality engineering. A large number of Australian & International classic lotus élan cars are fitted with our drive shaft conversion system, once installed, your roto-flex problems are banished for ever!

We have clients who are very serious lotus elan collectors & restorers who swear by our product, some of which have purchased and installed multiple CV drive shaft conversions into their respective collector lotus elan cars.

Take a moment to read the customer testimonials below.

It's hard to imagine why anybody
would continue to use Rotoflexs!
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I have received and installed CV axles, and the elan
is a much better car.
Compliments. Ib Nielsen from Denmark

Hi Col,
I made it, thanks to your drive shafts, to the all British
Day which was held at the Uraidla Oval in the Adelaide Hills.
Having now fitted them, I have to say I'm not sorry the not
so old rotoflex coupling let go, as the car is now transformed.
I'm delighted with the way it is running and today it was very
well received. It is great fun to drive. ,

Thanks for your assistance.
Wayne M. Adelaide. South Australia.

Dear Col,

We finished our elan restoration, we have travelled 7000 miles
(11265.41KMS). We are very satisfied with the CV Drive Shaft
which you sold us.
We gave your address and phone number
to a friend who has elan too, who is very interested
in your parts.

Best regards.
André & Ghislaine Prosdocimo.

Hi Col.
Finally, last week end, I could go for a long drive and the
feel of the elan is fantastic. My brother said: The elan
like a modern car! No one will say it is from 1966!!

Really, your drive shafts are really good. They transform
driving of the car. They are not only fantastic as
a mechanical component, but they are also beautifull
to look at. They are also very easy to fit, and all was
done in a couple of hours.
All the best.
Francisco F.
Cascais. Portugal.

I hope that you keep producing the quality product that
you do. You and your firm have been a pleasure to deal
with even if you are on the other side of the globe. If
you want a test pilot for anything new you're developing,
I'd be happy to road test it.

Thanks again for a fantastic product.
Harald Freise.
Read More Here


Hi Col,
I thought you might like to know how the CV drive shafts
are performing now that I have some mileage with them.
They certainly have transformed the driving experience
of my Plus 2, and smooth gear changes are now easily
Unlike the ones fitted to my car when I bought it,
your drive shafts show no tendency to “bind,” even when
the suspension is at full droop, which shows the benefit
of using quality components.

They also look the part with a nice finish to the machine
work; pity they have to be hidden under the car!
I can certainly recommend them to any Elan owner
who needs to upgrade the driveline on his car.

Kind regards,
Wylie Evans. New Zealand.


G'day Col.
The drive-shafts are fitted and performing well. The CV
drive shafts are performing exactly as you promised -
much quieter than the strange thumping that occasionally
came from the doughnuts - but two of those were fairly well
stuffed. The elan now drives much better out of the corners,
and has a much more positive feel all over - well worth the
B. Nibbs. ACT. Australia.


Dear Mr. Croucher.
Thank you very much. My mechanic says that your kit is
the best in the market followed by Spyder´s. I guess I will
have to save for yours (I am a teacher).
Thank you again.
Carlos. TN 37240. USA.


Hi Colin,
I can definitely vouch for your CV conversion, the quality of
build, as  well as it's durability. It was a good fit, easy to
install,  and has been (still is) trouble free as stated on
your website.
It's a truly 'fit and forget' conversion.
B. Chan. Singapore.


"I have used the solid CV joint drive shaft conversion on
my Elan S4 and Plus 2 for many years. The Plus 2 has
covered about 40,000 miles of every day road use, and the
elan has done about 15000 miles of race use with the
conversion with absolutely no problems. From a strength,
reliability, cost and ease of maintenance & driveability view
point the double CV joint conversion is far superior to the
original donuts and other designs I have seen using
universal joints or CV's in a combination with donuts".
Rohan Hodges.
Melbourne Australia.


I've just installed a CV kit from Croucher Engineering Aust
(elantrikbits) and am absolutely delighted with the result -
so much tighter, there's no binding of the CVs and the
+2 drives so much smoother with better gear changes
and a more robust feel overall. I'll keep the Roto flexs
and shafts but, if anyone is wondering whether the CVs
are worth it, you are unlikely to look back.
thanks for your help Col)
Best regards.
S. O'Dea. Sydney Australia.


After experiencing donut failure in an S1 elan many
years ago, I fitted your CV conversion to my
S2/26.4204. I am now fitting your front adj upper
wishbones, and can thoroughly recommend the quality
and engineering of your products.

Regards. Billyt. NSW. Australia.
P.S. I think it should be mandatory for any elan used for
track work to use your C.V. drive shaft conversion.


After having consulted with Col regarding the manufacture
and materials used in his drive shafts, I installed them
into my 1964 S2 Élan around one year ago. On receiving
them, I was very impressed by the quality, finish and
details, such as the dust caps, grease points and high
tensile bolts. After fitting, I have found them to perform
very well, being very positive in use compared to the
rubber donuts and eliminating surge particularly on
take-off. As my "donuts" were getting quite old, I now
don't have a fear of a dangerous failure.

I would recommend the drive shafts to any one considering
them for their Elan, particularly if they use their car
in a spirited fashion!

Nick Livanes. Sydney NSW Australia.


Why install CV drive shafts?... the answer is simple: Total Driveline Reliability.

It is a well known fact that the new generation of rubber donuts do not deliver long term reliability, once a reasonable mileage had been covered, the rubber donuts are prone to failure without warning! (Some have failed in less than 500KM) You don't want that happening! 

How’s Yer Donuts?… Not Looking Good?
Maybe it's time to purchase and install a CV drive shaft conversion into your elan. Your drive shaft conversion is delivered fully assembled & ready to install, a competent elan owner/mechanic will easily complete the installation in a lazy afternoon, in fact as one of our customers recently discovered, it will probably take you longer to remove the old donuts and half shafts than it will to install the elantrikbits CV conversion.
Read More Here>> (PDF Doc -opens in new browser).

Can The CV Drive Shaft Installation Be Reversed?
Absolutely, the elantrikbits drive shaft design is a bolt up arrangement, you do not replace the diff output shaft nor the outboard wheel hub shaft, unless of course you discover that they are damaged or worn in some way. While reading through our install instruction sheet, elan owners are instructed to keep & store the original old donuts and the intermediate shafts. The CV drive shaft assembly can also be removed if required and the old system can be re-installed again without any problems what so ever. Not that you would ever want to do that after you experience the driving transformation of your elan with the new CV drive system, but you may one day sell your elan, the new owner will appreciate having the original parts included with car.  

We Will Supply.
A driveshaft system incorporating constant velocity joints accompanied by a set of unique lightweight steel adapter plates, and machined & splined solid billet high grade alloy steel axles. We have been building elan CV drive shaft conversions for more than two decades. 

Twenty Five Years Has Past By Since We Built Our First CV Drive Shaft Conversion. 

Lotus elan owners in the following countries have chosen our product because of the engineering & build quality plus our back up service.  

    USA - Canada - United Kingdom - Holland - Hawaii - Germany - Sweden - Denmark - Belgium - France - Netherlands - Singapore - Japan - Macau - New Zealand - Australia.

 Elantrikbits CV drive shaft installed into Lotus elan during restoration in France.

Prices are quoted on this web site are in US dollars, which includes worldwide express airfreight delivery. Please read the instructions below before placing your order. The pay pal buttons below can be used to order either small elan or +2  Drive Shaft conversions, just email us to make sure you have indicated that you require plus two CVDS conversion.

If you wish to make further inquiries about this product before placing your order, use the contact form If you don't feel comfortable using pay pal, orders can be placed via phone direct for Visa & Mastercard payments. Note: Please follow up your order with an email to confirm which model elan you are ordering your conversion for.

International Customers: How To Place Your Order.
Payments can be made with any major credit or debit card via Pay Pal; it is a safe, secure method of processing international transactions. All major credit cards are accepted-- Visa-- Mastercard etc. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your order in more detail. The variation in prices shown below reflect the various shipping costs to the various regions of the world, we have no control over shipping costs. 

Australian Customers: Placing Your Orders. 
We prefer direct payment via EFT deposit Internet banking system, we also accept over the phone Visa or Mastercard card transactions. As soon as we receive your payment we will contact you via phone or email to confirm your order details.

Please use the contact form if you have further questions, require more details, or you wish to place an order. (Australian orders are subject to GST) Conversions are freighted Australia wide for the nominal charge of $40.00 to $68.00 via Australia Post, depending on your postal address.

International Shipping.
We pack and ship your drive shaft order through Australia Post Express Air. This service provides a quick delivery to all global destinations. EMS Air Express also includes 24/7 online tracking, it costs a little more than the standard airfreight but it is worth the small extra cost.
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