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Elan S1 - S4 Door Hinges.

Re Introduced Product.
We are pleased to announce that we have recommenced production of the high quality replica cast alloy elan door hinges. The hinges feature elongated holes (Not round as shown in photo below) which allow for a large amount of door to body adjustment. The pivot end of the hinge is machined and threaded to accept the standard nylon swivel bobbin and locking spigot..

The cast door hinges are only supplied as a set of two, or set of four hinges. The bottom door hinges are most likely to become badly corroded over a long period of time, or threads can be come damaged removal of parts. If a full restoration is in process, than all of the hinges should be replaced.  

The early type door of hinge featured large round holes - The later type and the product we supply has elongated bolt holes milled into the hinge which allow sufficient movement for door/hinge  adjustment.  

We generally carry stock of these items, but from time to time that may not be the case, where stock is not on hand, the lead time for order fulfilment may extend from three to four weeks depending on the work load, we will notify you of any pending delay.

If you require items for a restoration or rebuild project, please plan ahead and place your order early to avoid possible time delays.

The pay pal order form below features a drop down box, click and select either two or four hinges, then click on the Buy Now Button to continue with your order.
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Click here if you wish to contact us. Australian elan owners, please contact us for AU prices and alternative payment options. Thank you in advance for ordering. Follow up emails are welcome to confirm your order.  


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