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Read About: Customer Experiences With elantrikbits CV Drive Shaft Installation.
Lotus elan S2 in Iowa USA, and an S2 In France.

Mark D chose our kit above all others to install into his elan S2, a little later a second conversion was purchased & installed into his son's plus 2S elan during a major rebuild & upgrade prior to the national lotus gathering at Aspen Snowmass Colorado USA, held August 24th & 27th - 2007.

The Úlan S2 and the +2s were driven to the LOG27 event and back again, the return trip totalled about 30 hours driving time, with a total distance of about 2000 miles (3200KM), and as we expected, the drive shafts performed brilliantly, delivering reliable, trouble free motoring... you can read below what Mark had to say about the new CV drive shafts.

Hi Col,
Following is a commentary & time frame:

(7/07/2007). We put the drive shafts in place last night and need to torq and grease and should be good to go! Everything fit's nicely and went as I thought. You sure make a nice product!

(17/08/2007). We are getting very close to departing for Log and things have gone very well with the +2 rebuild. Your drive shaft parts have been a dream and they worked as expected with out any surprises!

(5/09/2007). They truly worked without a hitch! This has been one of  the better changes we have made to the car.

A Note From Mark:
Col, you sure provide great customer service, you have kept in contact with us to make sure everything went well and continues to perform correctly. Several email's were sent to check, this is the kind of service that goes the extra mile!
Thanks so much. Mark D.
Iowa. USA.



The lotus elan rear suspension layout can be improved greatly with the addition of smaller diameter & slightly stiffer coil springs which are coupled with adjustable platforms. The illustration below clearly shows that the installation fits in perfectly with the lotus chassis design. The grand finishing touch is accomplished when the adjustable spring set up is combined with our world class CV drive shaft conversion, you will be amazed with the transformation and the  new driving experience of your elan, spring kits and drive shaft conversions are available for the S1 to S4 as well as the +2 elan. The elan chassis below which is undergoing a total rebuild belongs to one of our customers in Iowa USA. If you would like to incorporate these custom engineered components into your elan then please contact us for more details.

Another elantrikbits CV drive shaft conversion installed into
elan S2 in France, currently undergoing complete restoration.

I am very satisfied with details, your drive shafts are manufactured
well, I am going to speak about your beautiful assembly of drive shafts
to friends who have lotuses. Bravo and thank you.
Andre. Six Fours. France.

The ultimate driveline for every classic elan.
Super Reliable - Easy To install -  Simple To Maintain - Will last for Decades.
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