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Cast Aluminium Body Bobbin Anchors.

The Search For These Hard To Find Items Is Over!

The Lotus elan body to chassis anchor points employ unique shaped bobbins which are bonded into the fibreglass body lay up at strategic points. Because of the sand cast textured surface which privides "tooth", sand-cast bobbins have superior resin bonding characteristics than smooth surface die cast bobbins.

The bobbins are of the traditional oval shape with a top and bottom flange, the unique oval shape prevents the bobbin from rotating & delaminating in the fibreglass. Bobbins are designed to absorb omnidirectional loads, IE, loads from all directions, correctly bonded bobbins are very strong, and provide sound anchor points.

The bobbins on the elan are normally threaded to; 1/4"- 5/16"- 3/8"- 7/16" UNC threads, but most rebuilders or restoration operators request that bobbins are left solid which enables custom drilling and taping to the required size. Bobbins can also be clear drilled which allows the fastening bolt to pass through both bobbin & chassis to be retained with a suitable washer & lock nut.

The source of the original die cast bobbins has virtually dried up. The bobbins that elantrikbits supplies are sand cast alloy and replicate the original bobbin form. We can now supply the DIY enthusiast elan owner raw cast alloy bobbins, the picture below shows the cast alloy bobbins. 

All that is required is for the raw bobbin to be drilled and tapped with the correct thread form & size, most owners should be able to perform the basic workshop procedure, or know where to find someone who can carry out that operation. 

Cast Alloy Body Bobbins - Supplied As Raw Castings.
(No drilling or threading)
A detailed installation instruction sheet is also supplied with each order to enable the most effective bonding procedure to be carried out, there are several things that the installer must be aware of to obtain the best possible installation outcome.

Small casting production runs dictate that the bobbins be packaged for purchase in lots of three, six or nine items, it is an advantage to hold spare items in the workshop for that unexpected repair job.

Some elan owners machine round bobbins from round aluminium bar stock, while they will work as a temporary solution, round bobbins will eventually work loose because there is nothing to prevent movement, the end result is the need to repeat the repair for the second time, why not do the job correctly in the first instance, and not have to worry about the repair again.  

To purchase a pack of alloy bobbins, select the qty required, then click the correct pay pal Buy Now button below, the total price includes worldwide airfreight. If you require a larger quantity of bobbins then please contact us for details and price. Australian customers should contact us direct for EFT payments; Aust orders are subject to GST. 

Select Bobbin Qty.

 We would appreciate it if you would contact us via email after you have placed your order to convey further details if required. If a delay with your order is likely we will contact you to let you know.   

 Read more about lotus elan projects at: http://elantrikbits.com/lotus-elan-blog/

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