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Don't Put Up With Oil Surge - We Have
The Fix... And It Works 100% & That's No BS. 

We can show you what the simple sump baffle design tricks are, save BIG $$$ by building & fabricating your own sump baffle oil control system.

In twin-cam circles it is a well-known fact that nearly all road going Ford/Lotus twin cam engines fitted to the classic Lotus elan, +2 elan, Lotus Cortina, Twin Cam Escort & Lotus Europa, etc, suffer from excessive oil surge and the inevitable oil pressure loss during high-speed competition club/historic events, or even while driving hard & fast on  twisting & winding mountain roads.

If youíre like most elan driver's, you probably think the "fix" is to "back off" and wait a few seconds while the engine regains oil pressure, that's a pain when driving, and even a momentary lack of oil feed to the engine bearings at high revs is a disaster waiting to happen.

So Why Put Up With Damaging Oil Surge?

Constant oil pressure feed is what keeps your engine alive!

All engine bearings require constant oil supply at the correct pressure to keep a film of oil between the bearings and cranksahft. Oil surge could mean an interrupted supply then metal-to-metal contact, just a few repeats & it's only a matter of time before the bearings & crankshaft will suffer severe damage.

Don't play Russian roulette with your TC engine... Many OEM sump & baffle designs are a compromise between economical production solutions and a just "OK method" of oil control.

Just "OK Oil Control" is simply not good
enough... your high performance engine deserves better than that!

This Explains What Happens To The Oil On Right Hand Corners.

If the pickup pipe to the pump stops drawing oil, pressure will suddenly drop and the bearings will be starved of vital lubrication, the first indication of trouble will be a light metallic rattle from within the engine... if the rattle stops, you are lucky... but the engine may have only been a split second away from a major blow up!
But what about next time?

The Image Below Shows The Inadequate Baffles
Of The Early and Later Type Sumps.
The baffles inserted into the standard twin cam oil pans as shown above might be OK if you toddle down to the coffee shop once a week, but if you feel inspired on the way home to enjoy a spirited drive along your favourite road with lots of tight right & left corners, the standard sump baffles are simply not up to the job... in a nutshell, they simply don't work, and you canít expect them to when you look at the terrible design.

You need something much better... but what?

You could install an expensive dry sump system? (Costalotta $$) What about a professionally custom modified sump; Also pretty expensive at $600.00 to $700.00US. Some people even use a thing called an oil accumulator, and they seem to work OK, but where do you put the bulky storage cylinder in an elan... you've got hoses, connectors that could potentially leak oil everywhere, maybe you could get your passenger to hold it? On the other hand... maybe not.

Jokes aside, a better solution is to fabricate a unique baffle system which is tucked away into the standard sump (There is absolutely no need to enlarge the original sump in any way). 
The sump baffle system we will show you how to build is stunning in it's simplicity, it is a very effective oil control system. It will cure the oil surge problem in the twin cam sump, as well as in many other types of oil pan/sumps. The material costs are less than a decent lunch would cost, plus you'll spend a few enjoyable & rewarding hours following the directions to fabricate & build the project in your own workshop.

We are not just spinning you a few yarns just to sell our ebook, we are not that silly. We've actually built and installed this sump baffle system into our own Ford /Lotus twin cam engine, and it work's brilliantly.
Now, we want to share with you how to fabricate & install this highly effective sump baffle design into your twin cam engine, anyone with good basic metal working skills & knowledge plus a reasonable workshop will be able to fabricate and maake all of the parts.
This sump baffle project can be built for a very low cost, it is a highly effective oil control system... arguably The Most Effective Sump Baffle Design available for any small Ford engine.
If you have sheet metal fabricating skills, & you know how to use a gas O/Acet welder to do some simple bronze or braze welding? (Or you know someone who can)... and you also have a bit of mechanical nouse... then you'll be able understand & follow the step-by-step methods to build your own highly effective sump baffle system.

Please note: There is no need to enlarge or change the original TC sump pan in any way, shape or form.... There are clear instructions and heaps of photographs that show how to go about fabricating and setting up the special parts that fit inside of the standard twin cam sump, this system, once installed, will eliminate oil surge in any twin cam engine. If you build the baffle as directed (Do not alter the design... because it works) in the ebook, your engine will be cured of any oil surge or oil pressure loss. This could be one of the best engine mods you could ever do, it will provide 100% reliable oil feed to the oil pump. (Apart from fitting a very expensive dry sump system).

Why is it that people spend thousands of dollars building high performance engines, then proceed to use a poorly designed standard sump with pathetic oil control baffles? Factory engine sumps are a compromise between what the bean counters say things should cost (Production costs) and what the engineers would really like to have... but guess which party usually wins out? Yep, the BCís. And the customer is then denied a high quality oil control system!
If you hang around motoring circles long enough, you will hear people waxing lyrical about dry sump systems, and yes, it sounds pretty cool to tell everyone how high tech your car is, but the honest truth is, unless you are a very serious motor sport competitor, you don't have to resort to expensive race mods like that.

But if you sprint, club race, or just like driving your elan fast on twisty - winding roads, then you really do need an affective 100% reliable sump baffle oil control system.

The manual clearly outlines how to build the sump baffle in the home workshop, but this is not just any old sump baffle, this design is arguably one of the best designed sump baffle systems available, (Yes, it is a race & fast road proven design) forget about accu-sumps. Once you understand how effective this system is, you will wonder why you have not built one sooner. 
You won't have to go figure "How To Do It", because all of the design work has been done for you, every detail is fully outlined & explained in a step - by - step easy to follow fashion. During the project, we shot a large number of clear photographs, and documented the step-by-step method to build the sump baffle system, the PDF manual contains over forty pages of easy to understand, instructions (Opens on PC or MAC). 

Begin reading in a few short minutes about how to build your own sump baffle oil control system.

On pages 30 & 31 of the manual, there's a series of photographs which provide a unique "con rod" view into the depths of the sump where you can actually see how the baffles operate while cornering...  a really fascinating picture sequence to look at... these "inside the sump" pictures have never been revealed before.

Here Is A Short Summary Of The ebook.

Page 3:
Right from the beginning, we reveal the six simple pieces of sheet metal & a few small metal components you'll need to build the baffles, (The material cost: remember, is incredibly low) Then below that is another photo showing a finished baffle, you get to understand right away what you are going to build.
Page 5:
Explains the tools and gear you'll use, or need to access to build the project, things that many workshops already have. 
Page 7:
And onwards, we get stuck right into the nitty gritty of preparing for the project.
Page 10:
This is where you will find very important info about the many different oil pick-up pipes and types of oil strainer used (And things that you must be very aware of to avoid problems) plus we'll explain how to go about repositioning & supporting the oil pick up pipe so that it works best with the new baffle set up. (This is one of the secrets to the design).
Page 13:
(And we are not even halfway through the manual, & there's another 27 pages to go) You'll learn how to make a simple, but very important jig that will allow you to accurately set up & position the oil pick up pipe at the correct height (depth)... works even if the engine is still in the car.
There's page after page of detailed info, there's nothing held back, we have built this project from the ground up, and then carried out extensive road testing, so we know that it works 100%, we show you how & why the baffle works, the hard yards has been done for you... now it's your turn to get cracking in your own workshop. There is a good chance that a few engine builders wont like what you are going to learn from this ebook.

We were stunned at how this simple, highly effective baffle system has totally eliminated the oil surge problem in our own elan S2 DHC.

Since the modification was completed, the elan has covered over 2000 miles of fast Alpine road testing here in Australia, and we simply cannot fault the system, it is that good, & if you were not told, you'd think the engine was fitted with a dry sump system! It is a pleasure to not have to watch the oil gauge any more that's for sure!

If you enjoy fabricating things for your lotus, then this project will give you immense personal reward and satisfaction, not to mention the BIG dollars saved.
You Simply Wont Believe How Effective This Sump Baffle System Is.

The Baffle System Is So Compact It Is Contained Under The
Curved Windage Tray - Very Neat & Tidy.

Customer Comments about the ebook.

This is a great and very detailed ebook manual 
on how to build a baffled sump system that works

Rohan Hodges.
S4 elan Historic Competitor.

Hi Col.
The sump baffle ebook is pretty well written - I've
read through it once and all is well explained. I
plan to pull the elan motor some time in the next
12 months for a thorough overhaul etc, I plan to
have a crack at the sump then.
Bill Nibbs.
ACT Aust.

Hi Col.
I have read thru the How to Build a Sump Baffle ebook.
It seems to be well written and has very good detail.
The reference to a well equipped shop is a little
understated, but a person should be able to hire out
some work that he may not have tools to build. I had
a pan baffled by a Lotus parts supplier here in the USA
not long ago and was not even close to this in detail.
It did not have gates, and no windage tray. I think the
curved windage tray will also add to the mod greatly.
I know you have thoroughly tested your design
and I am sure it works well.

Many thanks.
Iowa USA.

Part of the baffle system success is the curved windage tray, (Known to provide a few extra HP in itself) the unique baffle system fits neatly under the curved windage tray. The curved tray is a slightly better option than a flat tray, but both will work equally well. It does not matter what type of engine you are building, this baffle design can be adapted to many different types of inline 4 or 6 Cyl engines.
The sole purpose of a sump baffle is to control the oil so that the oil pump pick up pipe always has a continuous supply of oil. Learn the tricks and techniques in order to build and install a sump baffle system into your Ford/Lotus twin cam engine.

Donít Risk Serious Damage To Your Engine! 
Grab your copy of the 44 page manual now.
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