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About elantrikbits.

elantrikbits web site is an Australian based lotus web site. Our experience with the Lotus élan extends from the year 1982, the year in which a full restoration project of a basket case S2 DHC élan was begun, as witnessed through the photo collage below. Over the ensuing years since the ground-up rebuild, requests from other enthusiasts for special products continued for the various special components which we incorporated into the elan restoration, some of which you can view on this web site, expecially our major product... The CV Solid Drive Shaft Conversion.

The elan purist may not condone or agree with some of the mods that can be performed on the classic lotus élan S1- S4, but if the refinements have been done in the interests of reliability, safety and upgrades in technology, along with an effort to promote the longevity of the classic lotus elan marque, then I’m sure you would agree that must be a worthwhile gain. 

From Basket Case To Fully Rebuilt Lotus elan S2 DHC. 
Restoration Precis: 2000 - 3000 hours: (1982-1986). Near divorce: Near Broke: Hardly ever saw the kids: Grew to enjoy fibre glass grinding dust? Lived for the smell of resin (Just joking). Showcasing: Fibreglass restoration skills - metalcraft skills - the challenge of reproducing many mechanical components - developing unique products. The Rewards: The true thrill of being able to own & drive a car that: went - stopped & handled like no other car I had ever driven. The classic lotus elan will put more smiles on your face than many other expensive exotic cars... just ask Jay Leno. Jay Lenos Garage.   
If you wish to know more about the products we produce, or for a general inquiry, then please contact us via email through the fo
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