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Elan S2 - 26R Window Lift Handles.

At long last, elan S2 & 26R owners can now purchase brand new replica cast aluminium window lift handles. Hand Made By Metal Craftsmen In Australia.

Original elan S2 window lift handles are virtually unobtainable, unless you can find the occasional second hand item, in short, they are as rare as hens teeth, but not any more, elantrikbits are now manufacturing exact reproductions.

The window finger lift - handles, whatever you like to call them, are exact replicas of the  British made originals, but instead of being finished in chrome, they are cast in high quality aluminium & beautifully buffed & polished to a high lustre. Full instructions for installation and care, are supplied with each window lift set. 

High quality window jewellery for your S2 elan - 26R.

Elan S2 & 26R Window Lift Kit.

The lift handles are sold in matching sets (Pairs) which include: Two internal lift handles, plus two external holding plates (As shown in the photo above) ready to install onto the windows. These replica items are hand cast & finished in our own foundry - finishing shop.

The finger lifts are sand cast in aluminium, the post casting process see's the finials and flashings removed in preparation for the hand finishing work, which includes drilling matching holes for the holder legs to engage in, both parts are then carefully hand buffed to a mirror finish. 

If you have been searching for these previously unobtainable elan S2- 26R elan parts, then this is good news week for you, grab a pair of window lifts now for your S2 or 26R elan, please note that production and supply is limited.

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